Farewell to Fear

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God save the queen, because we’re too busy saving ourselves. The status quo is never the answer; it is always the problem. History is written by the victors. Since the past has been taken from us, we’re going to write the future.

Afflict the comfortable. Comfort the afflicted. Always demand better. Complacency is humankind’s greatest enemy. Do not suffer the fate of the elves. Shed your romantic notions of plutarchy, monarchy, patriarchy, ecclesiarchy. This is the real world. Take control.

- Kennuise Political Tract

Professor Anderssen’s Omnibus Works, Titled Farewell to Fear, Proposing the Advancement of Culture and the Abandonment of Barbarism (Or Farewell to Fear) is a game about revolution, change, and bringing modern ideas to fantasy. The world isn’t perfect, but we want you to change it. Preparation, discovery, truth, experimentation, forward-thinking, these are your weapons.

It’s a little Moorcock meets Marx. Dragonlance meets Dead Kennedys. Lord of the Rings meets Locke. Elric meets Eco.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • Our world, Arduise, presented in fictional research, anecdote, and quotations. Everything’s subjective; so nothing is set in stone.
  • Rules for playing Farewell to Fear. Our rules focus on revolution and critically-approaching problems.
  • Hundreds of seeds for telling your own stories, access to dozens of character options, and guidelines for making your own characters and adventures.

Welcome to Arduise. Now change it.

What does this mean for you?

It means you’re getting 160 pages that presents Arduise, and our rules. Character creation happens on the character class sheets.

It also means there are no ‘canon classes.’ All our classes are equally as important.

What You’ll Need

A pile of dice. More is better. We prefer at least one traditional set of polyhedrons per player. You’ll also want some poker chips or other tokens. And you’ll want to have classes and modules printed. That’s about it.

Character Classes

Here are the current character classes. We’ll be adding more periodically.

C1 – Priest Hunter

C2 – Anthropologist

C3 – Chevalier

C4 – Chef

C5 – Operative

C6 – Wizard




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