Amaranthine: Romance, Vendetta, Forever

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I remember the Void; the other side, and all the horrible ‘life’ there. But that’s brief, only after I’ve died and the memory never lingers long. I prefer the happy memories. My sucesses and my accomplishments, which are many. I am exceptional in every way and I use my body, every life time, as a vessal for my brilliance and my cunning. I draw on the skills from one hundred life times of success. The only thing I can’t control is other people. And so it is, an army of well trained warriors holds not a candle to me, but one person can bring me to my knees. After all, it isn’t about win or lose in cards or life. It’s about what you’re willing to put on the line while you play.

-Sahar, The Storyteller

What you’ll find inside:

- Game rules that focus on conflict escalation and sacrifice, the real stuggle for immortals.
- A game that works well in a four hour block of time, or can be played over weeks, months, or years.
- Game action that involves improvised flashbacks to past lives, in order to influence current events.
- A game which supports stories of action, romance, politics, mystery, intrigue, and combat.

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